Oregon Hospitals Refusing Elective C-Sections Or Inductions Before 39 Weeks

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Well apparently some hospitals are showing an initiative to prioritize the health of mothers and babies when it comes to labor. Beginning on September 1st, 17 Oregon hospitals will be refusing to perform elective c-sections or inductions before 39 weeks for fear of risking the development of the baby. The agreement by Oregon hospitals is estimated to cover about half of the births in the state.

Msnbc reports:

The Oregon agreement comes as the March of Dimes has been working on the issue across the country. About six or seven other hospitals — in California, Texas, New York and Illinois — have adopted the ban on early elective deliveries, said Leslie Kowalewski, assistant state director of the March of Dimes’ California chapter. Intermountain Healthcare, which has 23 hospitals in Utah and Idaho, has had the policy for the last decade.

Dr. Stella Dantas, a Portland obstetrician and spokeswoman for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told msnbc that she is hopeful that the agreement will lower the number of c-sections in the state. Although these hospitals are by far in the margins when it comes to combating the rise in needless c-sections, their “hard stop” could impact policies in other hospitals. Efforts like these within conventional medicine to recognize the complications and risks to such a widespread practice could very well contribute to putting an end to it.