5 Iconic Mom Haircuts

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Our associate editor Eve Vawter may be very, very displeased with her accidental “mom haircut,” but she’s not the first lady to plop down into a stylist’s chair and go WTF. Some contemporary mothers might spend their entire motherhoods avidly avoiding the dreaded “mom haircut,” but other ladies embrace the style. As well they should. Ageist aversions to your textbook “mom cut” highlight some serious age anxiety that we could stand to do away with.  Here are five ladies who have pioneered some truly iconic mom cuts and have no shame about it.

1. The Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin

The heavy hitter. The big one. This is COMMITTING. Lots of fun party in the back and long, sleek bangs in the front. Appropriate for all occasions, reality shows, and just plain mommying. Knock Kate all you want, but she says her cut was all the rage in 2009.  #HaterzGonnaHate

(Photo: Wenn)

2. The Joan Jett


For the mother who can’t be bothered with silly things like combs, brushes, or even a hair tie, this is the direction you need to be going in. Slap some heavy eye shadow on and a hoodie and no, you’re not a crazy person. You have a STYLE ICON. You may not get invited to this month’s book club but all the more time to tease out your bangs.

(Photo:  pinkBEAT)

3. The Kris Jenner

kris jenner extra

For the lady who wants to convey both “I’m 100 percent klass” and “I make a living exploiting my offspring,” we have this little number. The grown out bangs can be chicly paired with soullessness.

4. The Hillary Clinton


Followers of Hillary Clinton’s style will note that this style choice is fairly recent, as for the longest time she was rocking a much shorter mom cut. But leave it to the great Hilary to keep that mom cut EVOLVING. Works well with glasses, aprons, and kitten sweaters.

(Photo:  thanhtrungsg)

 5. The Sharon Osbournesharon osbourne

Consider this the mom cut with a twist! You may have chosen to succumb to the old adage about “women of a certain age” but you’re not going down without a reddish-infused fight. Go purple, go blue, grow it out and don’t forget your mom jeans.

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