Hilarious Fake Hipster Daycare Twitter Account Is Set to Become a TV Show

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Searching for the right daycare or preschool these days can be tough. Many schools have their own specific teaching styles and “culture.” It’s not just about putting kids in a room, teaching them the ABCs and preventing them from eating paste. There’s a whole slew of hipsterfied child care options that cater to everything from gluten-free meals to no-plastic-bags policies. This prompted writer Jason Shapiro to create a fake Twitter account for a place called the Los Feliz Daycare, a California-based care center for the kids of adult hipsters. And now, the fake hipster daycare is getting its own TV show.

Shapiro (whose TV credits include Betty White’s Off Their Rockers and Once Upon A Time) started the account back in 2013 innocently enough.

“A co-worker came in talking about her kid’s preschool where she was scolded for sending white bread in the lunch,” Shapiro told the Los Feliz Ledger.

While not a parent himself, Shapiro started to imagine what that school and others like it might be like and decided to create the parody tweets.

“There was a tweet once where I said an almond was found on campus, so it was a ‘Code Beige’ and we’re moving all the kids to the cellar. From there, I thought it would be funny if parents didn’t like beige for the code, so I started apologizing for that. The most fun I have with the character is when it’s clear we don’t have rules. It’s kind of new agey, touchy-feely.”

The account wound up getting the attention of actor Adam Pally (The Mindy Project, Happy Endings), and is not being optioned as a Hulu animated original. Shapiro will stay on as one of the show’s writers. Producer and writer Erik Richter (Harvey Birdman, American Dad!, Space Ghost Coast to Coast) is also set to help with the series.

Personally, I envision a cartoon, daycare-centered version of Portlandia, and hopefully I’m right (because Portlandia is freaking hilarious). Also, kudos to Hulu for jumping on this. They’ve already got plenty of folks hooked with The Handmaid’s Tale, plus their plethora of 90s TV classics, so this is definitely another step in the right direction.

(Image: Twitter / Los Feliz Daycare)