Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Is Here And We Really Need To Suggest Nicknames For Him

Reese Witherspoon babyDespite Reese Witherspoon‘s hospital scare not too far back, the mother welcomed a healthy baby this morning. In her third go round the maternity ward, Reese is now mother to a second son and is reportedly doing fine. Too bad I can’t say the same for her rather irksome name choice.

People magazine writes Reese and husband Jim Toth have named their son Tennessee James Toth.

Somebody call STFU Parents because if I saw this name flash up in my newsfeed, I’d be screen capping it ASAP.

The actress spent a good chunk of her own childhood in Nashville and “James” certainly doesn’t fall far from daddy Jim. I’m usually a fan of alliterative names, but Tennessee’s parents seem to have gone slightly too literal in the whole “meaningful” names department. It’s cool. Happens to the best of us and celebrities don’t exactly have a good track record for baby names as of late. Fame, I suppose, can eclipse even the most cringe-worthy names decisions.

Luckily for Reese and co, Tennessee Toth makes for a variety of spectacular nicknames. Current suggestions among the Mommyish offices include the very simple TJ. Short and to the point. Going by James is always an option, as is JT (he’ll never even know who N’Sync was). Ten works too, I suppose, but I’d be wary of getting into numbers territory as Harper Seven may have some eyebrows to elevate.

And now I leave you with Eve Vawter‘s exclamation upon hearing Reese’s choice: “That sounds like a hillbilly pharaoh!”

Points to you Reese if that’s what you were going for!

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