In An Unfortunate Case Of ‘Too Soon,’ Dane Cook Jokes That Colorado Victims Wanted To Get Shot

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Dane CookI suppose “brave” is one word you can use to describe the comics who are willing to go there following mass tragedies. While not everyone is capable about laughing at instances of rape and violence, some very well can. Humor continues to be that tenuous space where some people can wittily succeed at nailing an otherwise inappropriate joke and others massively fail. Dane Cook, whose humor I have never been a fan of anyway, falls in the second category with this one.

BuzzFeed reports that the comic appeared at the Laugh Factory last night and dipped his toe in those Colorado shooting waters. In a crack at the utter crappiness of The Dark Knight Rises, Cook jokes that Colorado victims would have most likely been sitting in the theatre saying to themselves, “‘Uh, f*ckin’ shoot me.’”

The audio below would find the temperature to be rather tepid, but there is definitely audible laughter. Considering that we’re as of today just approaching the week anniversary of the shootings, I’m going to go ahead and call “too soon.” I’m not saying comics should have to abide by some precious golden rule before embarking on their established brand of crass humor, but 12 people — including a 6-year-old child — haven’t even all been buried yet. On top of that, the joke itself is just pretty lame — making the delivery even more irksome.

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