You May Think You Suck – But Your Kids Don’t

Moms and self esteemIn case you need to spend your Halloween sobbing like a baby I present to you two videos today, which had me breaking down in my coffee. Moms and self-esteem is such a minefield of emotion. Sometimes we feel totally confident in our parenting choices and abilities, and other times we think we are totally ruining our kids and doing everything wrong. But the truth is, we are all doing a pretty amazing job, and I’m sure if we asked our kids they would agree with us. Kids aren’t focusing on our appearances or if we have messy hair or if we lose our tempers on occasion or if we don’t always have time to play Lego dudes all day. The incredible thing about kids is that they are sort of eternal optimists, and as long as they feel loved and secure that’s what they focus on.

I’ve been sort of questioning my own parenting abilities lately, mainly because I worry about if I am devoting enough time and attention to my kids. My kids are well past toddler age but it almost feels like they require more than they did when they were younger. But watching both of these sort of served as my own little self-affirmation today so I wanted to share with you guys, in case any of you are sort of feeling in the same sucky place. We are doing okay.
[vimeo video=”76834417″]

3 Queens from Matt Bieler on Vimeo.



And as a bonus, I stumbled upon this, which I think was made by a church but I don’t care because it still made me totally burst into tears.
[vimeo video=”66058153″]

A New Perspective For Moms from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Now can we all just hug each other for a while or something?

(Image: Vimeo)

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