15 Dudes Who Badly Want You To Coverup While Breastfeeding

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Men Want Women To Cover Up While BreastfeedingFor a lot of males in the world, there is nothing more terrifying and obscene than a woman using her breasts to do what they are supposed to do: feed her baby. Breasts are totally fine when they are being sexy, or plastered across a billboard and used to sell lingerie, or if they are attached to an exotic dancer. Feed your baby with them and they are suddenly the most offensive body part in the world, and if you want to breastfeed your baby in public some of these guys feel they should be able to whip their dicks out and urinate anyplace they want. It is in honor of this dick-whipping that I have found even more dudes who just can’t tolerate the idea of a woman feeding her baby with her breasts in public.

 Go Feed Your Baby In The Bathroom 



I Want To Urinate In Public 

urinate in public


PIctures Of My Lunch On Facebook? Good. Your Baby’s Lunch? Nope. 

social media


Intimate Moments Should Be Kept Intimate 



Doin’ The Helicopter With My Junk  



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