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13 Anti-Mom Shaming Quotes When You Need a Pick Me Up

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Motherhood can be tough, and unfortunately, most of us don’t have a set of cheerleaders constantly rah-rah-rah-ing behind us. It can be easy to forget how important our job is. This is especially true when the world seems to constantly be shaming us. From our parenting styles to our postpartum bods, it seems someone out there always has an issue. But fear not, fierce mamas! I’ve found a plethora of anti mom shaming quotes that will totally pick you up when you’re feeling a bit down.

Feel free to save these anti mom shaming quotes onto your phone for a quick boost of confidence and a dash of positivity:

1. Because when it comes to being a mom, no one knows what the hell is doing. Don’t let the shamers get you down.

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2. When someone tries to make it seem as though you’re choosing the “wrong” path, remind them (and yourself) of this quote on parenting subjectively.

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3. Keep this one handy the next time someone judges you for “yelling.” Pftt…if they think that’s yelling, they don’t know what happens when we’re mad.

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4. This might also be known as “World’s Okayest Mom” Syndrome. We may not be the perfect person we want to be in our minds, but I think we all do good enough…

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5. This one goes out to all the folks who are constantly trying to pigeonhole us into a parenting “style.”

And for those who might judge those of us who actually do adopt one. Because we are so much more than something someone defined in a book one day.

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6. To be used whenever someone judges you for being a tad bit forgetful (a.k.a. Mommy Brain).

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7. A simply reminder not only to the other mom-shamers, but to our own internal mom-shamer.

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8. Another simple note to the haters. Guess what? It’s NOT a competition!

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9. Don’t judge us for being late. You don’t know what scene of Game of Thrones we were re-enacting with our kids.

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10. Because you’ll always do something not everyone agrees with (and that’s OK!)

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11. We all feel this at some point. Don’t shame yourselves, mamas!

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12. Let’s face it. Most of us moms don’t have time to do laundry EVERY day anyway. Don’t judge.

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13. And finally, because sarcasm is everything when it comes to countering mom-shamers….

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What are some ways you help bring yourself out of that feeling like you’re not good enough? Let us know in the comments and remember: you’re amazing.

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