15 Parenting Before Coffee Memes That Will Have You Saying ‘That’s Totally Me’

If you need a parenting pick-me-up that will help you feel less alone, these parenting need coffee memes will give you life. Not only are they hilarious, but as you read this while sipping on your first cup of probably cold-by-now coffee while the kids are running around tearing your house apart, you can get that needed laughter into your day.

Parenting is hard, but trying to parent before your first cup of coffee is almost impossible. I should know. I’m barely able to keep my eyes open as I type this out, with only half a cup in my system. It’s funny, because it took me a long time to get back on the coffee train. I’m sure many mamas out there were also big on the espresso prior to pregnancy. But I figured I’d nix it while I baked my bun in the oven, and afterward, it just made me jittery.

These days, I have a toddler. A toddler who likes to crawl into my bed at 3 a.m. and kick me for hours. A toddler who sometimes just wakes up to play with his cars because…he missed them. A toddler who has the energy of a speed ball in human form whenever I’m even remotely tired, and then just wants to cuddle and sleep when I’m finally up. Maybe some of you can relate. That’s why I’ve compiled some memes that accurately depict what it’s like to parent before coffee, from how dysfunctional we can be, to what we’re thinking when we finally get the cup, and everything in between.

Because the only way we can all get through this alive is by making each other laugh.

1. All of us before we find the coffee maker


2. Who doesn’t look like this in the morning. You know, when your kids are already vying for your attention

coffee meme
Image: Imgur / shadowsyllvet

3. Sometimes we just need the coffee. Other days, we need a little more…

4. When even the barista gets your struggle

5. What we think right before that first glorious sip


6. And mantra as we bring the cup to our lips

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7. The gift that truly gets the essence of why we need coffee

8. And this is why we need to DRINK the coffee before anything else

9. Actually, this, too


10. Why we also need to be sure to drink it before daycare or school drop off

11. When we’re about to drink the coffee but aren’t sure if we’ll become good mommy or evil mommy afterward


12. Basically all of us, yes?


13. And when there is no coffee and we still have to parent, we get”¦

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14. Old joke, but still. This is how many of us moms feel

15. And finally…Lorelai Gilmore: understanding the need for coffee by parents everywhere


What is your favorite way to drink your coffee? Let us know in the comments and add your own meme if you have a favorite!

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