13 Monday Memes of People Having a Worse Start Than You

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Everyone knows Mondays are the worst. Or at least, that’s what the internet tells us, right? It’s kind of true for the many who work the regular 9-to-5. Weekends mean relaxing with the family, sleeping in, catching up on reading, taking mini-vacations, and not having to put on a uniform or anything other than yoga pants if we don’t feel like it. Then Sunday night rolls around and that good ol’ existential dread kicks in, causing us all to sit there wondering, “Where did the time go?” At least these Monday memes of people having a worse start than you might help put things into perspective, right?

1. Like when you have Freddy Kruger invading your front lawn on a Monday (cause uhm, that certainly can’t be good).

2. Or when you’re up for Monday and you look like…whatever the hell this thing is (what is that thing?) I mean, you might look awful regardless, but again, not this bad.

3. And whoever the hell has to parent these kids (or similar tiny, human tornadoes)…quite possible they’re having a worse time of it than you.

4. At least you’re probably not walking, er, limping into work, yeah?

5. If you’re able to get through your breakfast without passing out multiple times, you’re at least doing better than her.

6. Hopefully your Monday isn’t leaving you stranded in a field unable to get up like this big fella.

7. And maybe your weekend was only just, “OK,” so you’re not walking in making this kind of face.

8. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t want to burn your office down the way these Mad Ladies do?

9. Fingers crossed you don’t hate your Monday so much the sheer thought of going in makes you shout, “NOOOO,” like Michael Scott.

10. You can probably at least stand up straight on Monday, unlike this cat, right?

11. And hey, at least you’re not…dead?

12. There’s also a good chance no one is asking you if you’ve got a “case of the Mondays,” right?

13. But hey, even if your Monday was bad, your Tuesday might not be as Monday-ish as this guys, so that’s…something

How is your Monday going? Which Monday meme is your favorite?

(Image: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Office Space)