Science Ivanka Is the Newest Meme Sweeping the Internets

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Don’t you just love when people serve up meme worthy content on a silver platter? This is the internet in 2018, guys. People out there are RUTHLESS. You can’t be posting ridiculous pictures and not expect to be turned into the next great meme. Didn’t Ivanka Trump learn that lesson with Punk Ivanka? I mean, come on. As it turns out, she didn’t. Pseudo-First Lady Ivanka posted a picture of herself being super science-y in a lab, and naturally, the internet responded. Thus, the Science Ivanka meme was born.

Ivanka Trump visited a lab to test vape juice, of all things.

One of the picture she shared from her tax-payer funded field trip shows her in science mode, with a beaker and goggles and everything. Everyone, meet Science Ivanka.

As part of Trump’s never-ending infrastructure week (which has been going on FOR MONTHS), First Lady Daughter Ivanka tested nicotine levels in vape juice at a lab in Iowa. With all the problems we currently face in this country, making sure vape juice is safe for vape bros is … right up there. Science Ivanka got into character, and donned a lab coat and goggles to play with some lab equipment. Really, the meme just wrote itself.

Twitter did what Twitter does, which is completely roast her with memes.

Watch me science! Science is fun! And for my next trick…

I totally did this in high school. “I’m not going to dissect that frog!” ::gets partnered with the cutest guy in science class:: “Scalpel!”

A drop of humanity, a pinch of collusion, and voila!

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