Mommyish Poll: Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say Vs. Sh*t Urban Moms Say

Shit Crunchy Moms SayIf the “Shit People Say” meme wants to persist in the parenting blogosphere, I say so be it. Yesterday, we brought you the chuckle-inducing “Shit Urban Moms Say,” but STFU Parents has alerted me to another parody aptly entitled “Shit Crunchy Mamas Say.” Now, where there are wealthy urban privileged mothers pushing around their bugaboos, there are also crunchy moms complaining about another breastfeeding photo being taken down from Facebook and grimacing at the term “elective c-section.”

Although Urban Moms and Crunchy Mamas seem to be mocking two distinct corners of modern motherhood here, they clearly overlap in some cringe-worthy areas. So in this battle of the mommy memes, which one do you prefer?

[youtube_iframe id=”RVA-A0RqkhM”]

[b5poll id=”cd22fe7e16a9214665e6f384633a39a8″]

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