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13 Third Trimester Memes to Get You Through the Longest 12 Weeks of Your Life

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to the hallowed third trimester of pregnancy. You’ve survived morning sickness, inappropriately-timed gas, constipation, and waking up one day to realize none of your clothes fit. You’ve successfully grown an actual human being inside of your body for 28 weeks, and you can see the finish line. Feels good, right? And we bet you’re thinking, “Wow! The first two trimesters flew by, this baby will be here before you know it!” Well, lower yourself into the closest chair you can find, because we have some bad news for you: this final trimester will feel longer than ANY OTHER PERIOD OF TIME in your entire life. There seems to be some correlation between how big you get and how slow time becomes, and towards the end, it slows to an actual crawl.

The good news is, it will eventually be over, and you will no longer have a squatter in your uterus. Until that day comes, it helps to laugh at the state you’re in, and we think these hilarious third trimester memes will get your belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly (but not too hard, because pee).

1. It’s called sweat.

told there would be glowing

Image: Babycenter / Stimpy1

Who knew putting on your shoes could be so taxing?

2. Sleep? What’s that? 

slept great

Image: Refinery29

If you’re not getting up every 30 minutes to pee, are you really even pregnant?

3. Grunt.

sound effects

Image: Lindorelli

Prepare to sound like an Olympic weightlifter every time you get out of a chair.

4. Parts of your body will hurt that you didn’t even know existed.

everything hurts

Image: Lindorelli

The pain is to prepare you for childbirth!

5. Forget about sleeping at night, but just try to stay awake the rest of the day.


Image: Pinterest/Rae Rae

Don’t feel bad if you fall asleep … everywhere.

6. Diapers aren’t just for babies!

productive bladder

Image: Lindorelli

At some point, it will just become a constant stream.

7. You are gorgeous and fabulous.

beautiful caterpillar

Image: Lindorelli

You may not feel beautiful, but trust us, YOU ARE.

8. No one has ever been pregnant forever, despite how you may feel.

going to be forever?

Image: Babycenter Community

Will it be forever? No. But maybe yes. But hopefully no.

9. People mean well, they really do.

willy wonka oh, you're tired

Image: Pinterest/Amber

But if they could all shut up about how long you’ve been pregnant, that would be great.

10. Buy dresses. A LOT of dresses.

not wearing pants

Image: Babycenter

If you’re going somewhere you need to wear pants, it’s not worth going.

11. Magical! 

i will cut you

Image: Life as Mrs. Popham

It’s beautiful before and after the third trimester.

12. Do people even realize twins aren’t all that common?

no it isn't twins

Image: Babycenter Community

“How many have you got in there?”

13. Such a helpful suggestion!

third trimester sex

Image: Lindorelli

People will tell you to have sex to induce labor. “People” should mind their business.

Do any of these strike a chord? Let us know in the comments!