Mom Is Right To Freak Out Over Daughter, 18, Moving In With 41-Year-Old Teacher

hooker teacherHere’s your gag-worthy story of the day: James Hooker, a 41-year-old California high school teacher, has resigned from his job to move into an apartment with an 18-year-old former student named Jordan Powers. Oh, and he left his wife and children including a 17-year-old daughter, also a student at the school to pursue his new love. (Clearly Hooker never got the memo that says you can’t date anyone less than half your age plus seven.) Now Tammie Powers, Jordan’s mother, is freaking out, and I don’t blame her one bit.

Okay, so the age gap isn’t really the big issue here. Personally, I’m not a fan of grown men dating teenage girls especially not when they have a daughter almost the exact same age but it happens. What I am judging, however, is the bullshit lie that Hooker did not have any type of romantic or physical relationship with Jordan until after she turned 18 (this past September) and was no longer his student.

Tammie Powers isn’t buying it and, frankly, neither am I. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing that these two had a regular teacher-student relationship ’til poof she turns 18 and suddenly, out of nowhere, love is in the air. “[Jordan] looked up to him,” Tammie told ABC News. “[He was in the] position of an educator, [and you] don’t abuse your student. Period. She’s still in high school. She still lives at home. She has a curfew”¦. That’s not okay.”

Tammie did some digging around and discovered 8000 text messages between Jordan and Hooker, as well as late-night phone calls and emails that Hooker sent Jordan while she was still a minor. “That’s pursuit, in my opinion, with some type of intent,” Tammie said. Jordan has stopped attending Enochs High School but is completing her senior year through independent study.

In addition to sparking a police investigation, Tammie has turned to Facebook to express her outrage, where her profile includes posts like this one that features an image of Hooker along with the caption:

This is a picture of JAMES HOOKER from Enochs High School….a perverted man in his forties, who has taken advantage of a little girl. Now, James if you’re reading this while you have my daughter—-you better believe everyone will know you’re a sick child molester. The Modesto Bee will have your picture on the front page this week, along with KCRA news and all other media outlets. Don’t think for one second……….you will win– I’m smarter, stronger, and way more determined. I WILL NEVER give up. Those that know me and have known me for years, can attest to the fact—I always put up a tough fight and never ever ” Tap out” I’ll be getting my daughter back you sicko.

I watched Hooker and Jordan on Good Morning America and it was Creep Nation. Jordan said things like, “[He’s] my best friend. I mean, he’s more than just a lover,” which made me gag. (Watch the segment below and you’ll see what I mean.)

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