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Most Moms Would Rather Be Strong than Skinny, According to New Poll

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After you’ve grown an actual human being in your body and either pushed or had it surgically removed, it can be TOUGH to adjust to your postpartum body. I mean, think about that. We grow people! Inside our bodies! And then undergo insanely weird and painful measures to get them out! Once you factor in the breastfeeding, the dietary changes we all experience, the sheer exhaustion of it all, it’s not uncommon to not recognize the body you’re left with. But while our bodies are something most of us struggle with after having kids, a new poll suggests that being skinny isn’t a very high priority for the majority of moms. This mom body poll shows that moms just really want to be strong!

The mom body poll conducted by Planet Fitness had some pretty surprising results.

The fitness company polled 2,000 moms across the country. A whopping 76% of them said that if they had to choose, they would rather be strong than skinny. Those two things are not at all mutually exclusive, obviously. But given those choices, moms went for strength rather than a small waist or lower number on the scale. Hell yeah!

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In addition to 76% of moms choosing strength over skinniness, 79% of the women polled said they felt stronger after having kids.

That’s not at all surprising to me! I felt like a freaking superhero after I had my kids, and I feel stronger everyday as we navigate new challenges together. I know it can be hard to get used to your post-baby body, but real life is not what we see in the media! No one, and I mean NO ONE, should be expected to bounce back after having a baby. It takes time, and in some cases, your body will never be what it was before babies. But it will be better in so many ways.

64% of the moms polled said their strength comes from being able to balance everything in their lives. AMEN SISTERS. It’s not easy.

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You can see the full infographic above. While it sort of  feels like a way to sell gym memberships, I still appreciate the data from the mom body poll.

And listen, science has already said that if given the choice between working out and taking a nap, we should take a nap. Your mom bod is strong anyway! We also need sleep.

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