Mom Sues Toys ‘R’ Us After Wheel Falls Off Wagon

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We’ve written about bratty children throwing tantrums because they didn’t like their Christmas presents. But how about their overly dramatic moms? That would be Alisa Speller, a Bronx woman who’s suing Toys ‘R’ Us after a wheel popped off her daughter’s $99 toy wagon.

Nobody was injured in the mishap, and there’s no word on whether Speller bothered asking for a refund. Nonetheless, she’s suing the giant retail chain for unspecified damages. Uh, okay.

Look, I get why Speller is annoyed. It was her first time using the wagon – a Radio Flyer Pathfinder – which was a gift for her 1-year-old daughter Skyla Price. When a rear wheel popped off, Speller said the toy came to a screeching halt and “I just flipped over and fell on top of my daughter.”

But, like I said, no one was injured – not even slightly – which is a good thing. And, hate to say it, but this kind of stuff happens all the time. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes. Worthy of a lawsuit? Absolutely not.

Apparently, Speller is all the more frustrated because she paid an extra $15 to have store employees assemble the wagon. “If they charge people to assemble it, they should do it correctly,” said her lawyer Francis DeCaro. Agreed. But shit happens. And a time-consuming yet reasonable response is to get on the phone with a customer service rep or manager or what have you, and plead your case. Or show up at the store and ask them to please fix it. (Duh.)

What do you think? Does this woman have a case – or is she acting like a big baby?