Jerry Sandusky’s Former Daughter-In-Law Gets A Restraining Order For Her Kids

Jerry Sandusky, formerly of Penn State and accused of sexually assaulting eight boys over a 15-year period, has just been barred from visiting his grandchildren unsupervised. His former daughter-in-law, Jill Jones, has sought out a restraining order in the wake of the charges that prevents her three kids from spending the night at their grandparents’ house.

Jill was once married to Sandusky’s son Matthew and the couple have three children: two girls aged nine and seven, and a five-year-old son. Apparently, after the charges were initially announced, Jill understandably asked her ex-husband to keep their kids away from the former coach. Sandusky’s wife told Jill that the grandchildren would be safe around her husband since he denies all allegations, but it looks like Jill wasn’t buying it and got some legal insurance that her kids would be safe regardless.[tagbox tag=”child abuse”]

Jill has not accused Sandusky of abusing her own children, at least not on paper, but her concern that he might be capable of it is surely valid.

Her ex-husband Matt is one of six kids in the Sandusky family, and was adopted by the couple when he was 18. Like many of Saundusky’s victims, Matt came to know Sandusky through his charity organization The Second Mile. While Matt maintains that he was never assaulted by his father, he also pointed out that he was not a little boy when he was adopted.

Good call on Ms. Jones to prioritize the safety of her children.


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