I Have So Much Sympathy For This Mom Losing Her Shizz At The Apple Store

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Mom Has Meltdown At Apple Store VineOne day you are freaking out at the Apple store in L.A. and the next day you are a viral web sensation after someone posts your freakout on the Internets. Actress Porcha Coleman posted this vine to her Twitter account after she witnessed a mom with a stroller freak the freak out after visiting the Apple store Genius Bar.

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Even though this mom needs to chill out a bit (and no, not take meds, come on, that’s offensive for people who ARE on meds, sheesh) and stop slamming her hand on the stroller, because I’m sure the stroller passenger is probably a bit freaked out by mom’s rampage, I can totally sympathize with her because MOMS ARE BUSY. She hauled ass all the way to the mall, with her kid, and was expecting to be able to walk in and make a purchase, you know, like you should be able to do in a retail store without an appointment. Who knows what this mom was going through during her day to make her lose her impatience? Chances are she was hot after lugging around the stroller, she had other stuff to take care of, and she wasn’t looking forward to spending a day waiting in line to get some customer service. I’m not a fan at raging against store employees, I have worked retail before and it can totally suck, but considering the price of Mac products and how Apple prides themselves on customer service, I can totally understand her frustration. I would have given her my place in line or at least bought her one of those delicious mall food court pretzels.

(Image: Vine)