Katie Holmes Has Sort Of Renamed Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes is pretty sly. Don’t let those playground duds have you thinking the mother of one isn’t savvy to the heaping mountains of press she receives as she reportedly has quite the trick to ensuring some privacy for herself and for young Suri Cruise.

In Touch reports that Katie and her babysitter employ the name “Sara” when discussing or calling out to Suri in public to avoid the eavesdropping of others. Given how ear-catching that single name has become in recent years, this “high security measure” helps keep people from tuning in. And apparently the kid likes the whole game as well:

Katie was recently overheard referring to her daughter as ”Sara” to her Dead Accounts co-stars at rehearsals and luckily, the first-grader seems to love her other name! In August, Suri was seen at a Build-A-Bear Workshop requesting that her stuffed animal be named ”Sara” ”” and she even specified no h so she and the doll would have the same number of letters in their names.

Too bad that source didn’t respect that “high security measure” enough to keep their mouth shut though. Looks like Katie should keep all these names to a three month expiration date — much like some computer passwords. Sarah with an “h.” Sara with no “h.” Sarrah with double the “r.” Eventually we’ll move on to a different name to manipulate for the sake of deflecting busybodies from reporting the kid’s fondness for the color red — or something.

(photo: TNYF WENN.com)

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