Mom Finds Marijuana In Toddler’s Easter Toy, Officially Winning The ‘Easter Haul’ Competition For All Time

smarts-shots-sports-center-marijuanaA mother in Oregon may well have won the unofficial Easter Haul competition that took over social media last week, because she got an unexpected prize along with her kid’s toys and basket when she opened a toy she bought at Walmart and found it came with three large bags of marijuana inside.

According to Women’s Day, Christina Marie Hannahs bought a plastic sports set as a present for her 18-month-old daughter, but when she started putting it together on Easter morning, she noticed some pieces were missing. When she went to look for them she found a very large bag of pot.

”I was shocked, at first I was like, I kind of laughed and was like oh my gosh, I cannot believe this even came out of there,” she said.

The 18-month-old was ignoring the toy and going straight for the box, as toddlers are wont to do, and as Hannahs went to take the box away she found two more bags inside it.

”She ended up going for the box. And once she grabbed the box, the box rolled over and two more small bags fell out of it,” she said.

Hannahs filed a police report and Walmart says it is investigating. Luckily no children accidentally consumed any of the pot, and the whole thing ended with little harm to anyone, save the stoner who is missing a whole lot of marijuana.

Hannahs described the toy as a Smart Shots Sports Center, which is a mini basketball hoop and soccer goal with an LED score display and little musical tunes that play whenever a goal is scored. It is designed for toddlers, but it also seems like it would entertain the heck out of someone who was really, really high. I can only assume that this means that somewhere in Oregon, a grown woman is stone sober and trying to play with a toddler’s basketball hoop, because someone else got all her weed.

Photo: Amazon

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