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You Couldn’t Pay Me To Go Back To The Pre-Baby Days

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Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the joys of parenting without coming off like a sanctimommy or upsetting the child-free people out there. Just know that when I talk about being single compared to being a parent, I’m talking about my own personal experience. If this doesn’t jibe with you, cool story, bro. This is just one woman’s humble opinion…

My husband and I went on a romantic getaway about a month ago to what we soon discovered was an incredibly hip college hipster town. (Did I say hipster?) I had a fantastic time because I’m not that old and lame just yet, but my husband and I were both feeling our age. We were easily a decade older than all the people at the bar, and we also got really tired and went to bed at 11. In short, it was a BLAST.

My husband and I were sitting outside sharing a secret cigarette as I watched a few young hipsters rush by on their way to the bar. Immediately, I was hit with nostalgia. I have so many great memories of dressing up and going out with friends and hunting for guys at the bar. I have so many memories of trying to get off work early and cashing out my last table and getting dressed in the bathroom so I could meet my friends on time. My early twenties were so much fun, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

But when I don’t look at my early twenties through rose-colored glasses, I remember I was lonely. I was hanging out with friends and going out to meet guys because it was fun, but also because I just didn’t want to feel alone anymore. This experience may be unique to me, and I am certainly not saying that all single people are lonely, but those days were plagued with loneliness and anxiety for me. I still had a good time, but it wouldn’t be accurate to say that those were the “best days of my life.”

Now I’m a mother of two. Being a parent is really hard, but though I’m a snarky parenting blogger, I really love most minutes of it. Parenting will change you no matter what, and thanks to this motivation for personal growth, I feel much safer, much more relaxed, and much happier as a parent.

Some days, I look back on my single days and miss all the awesome memories I have. But at the risk of sounding cheesy, I wouldn’t go back in time for all the money in the world. The best days are happening right now.

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