19 Mom-Themed Cocktails To Make For Your Next Playdate

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moms drinking together
moms drinking together

Now, we’re not encouraging you to drink. Personally, we happen to enjoy a cocktail or two on occasion! But we support you in doing whatever works best for you. If you drink, great! If you don’t, great! Here at Mommyish, we are Team You Do You, and we support and love all our moms.

That being said, if you do partake of libations from time to time, it wouldn’t hurt to have some mom cocktail recipes in your repertoire, you know? Yummy drinks to enjoy with your mom friends at long play dates, brunch, parties, or just because. Get out of your booze rut and mix up something special, because you’re a mom and you absolutely deserve it!

Here are 19 mom-themed cocktails for whatever adventure you’re on. And two bonus products.

1. This mom cocktail is a little tongue-in-cheek, and not for the faint of heart. Say Adios Motherf*cker.

We haven’t had one of these since our club days, and if we remember correctly, it didn’t exactly end well. This mom cocktail should be reserved for a mom’s night out with a designated driver. Not advisable to drink one of these bad boys at a PTA mixer, LOL. To make an Adios Motherf*cker, you’ll need vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, sweet and sour mix, blue curacao, and lemon lime soda. Fill a large glass with ice, then pour in one ounce each of the vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, blue curacao, and lemon lime soda, and two ounces of sweet and sour. Stir and garnish with a cherry and orange slice, and then goodnight, mama!

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