It’s 2015 And Yet, Some States Still Let Rapists Have Custody Of Their Victim’s Baby‏

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Take a deep breath and try to put yourself in a calm state of mind because what you’re about to read is positively enraging. This video from The Daily Show about how there are still states that let rapists have custody of their victim’s baby is both infuriating and mind-blowing. This was something I never gave any thought to — I suppose I ignorantly assumed that no person in a place of authority to do so would ever let a rapist see a child resulting from their heinous act. Sadly, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Here is the video, which the incredible Samantha Bee still managed to make funny. Her disgust is clear as she deftly weaves her magical brand of humor with the incredulity this subject deserves. She interviews Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (a complete bad-ass in her own right) and what she unveils is highly upsetting:

This quote from the video sums it up pretty well:

Samanta: Every other weekend, you have to meet your rapist in a Denny’s parking lot and hand over your child?

Congresswoman Wasserman-Shultz: Right.

Samantha: This cannot be real.

My thoughts exactly. How is this even a thing? Bee goes on to interview victim advocate Shauna Prewitt, JD, who dealt with this very issue herself. Prewitt brings to light the fact that over 32,000 women in the U.S. become pregnant annually with their rapist’s child and around 10,000 of them decide to raise the baby. As she states, that means there are possibly 10,000 women each year grappling with the issue of whether the man who raped them will get to see the child resulting from it. That is a staggering number and a completely horrifying thought.

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