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10 Vintage Strollers That Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

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When I was a child, I had a recurring nightmare of a troupe of clowns pirouetting slowly up a hill towards me. Of course, I was frozen in place as the creepy clowns made their way closer and closer. It turns out, my whole life I’ve been horrified by the wrong thing. Sorry clowns; I’d rather gaze up at your maniacal smile any day than see one of the following strollers – that were certainly crafted by Satan herself – in motion. Put a baby in one and I’m crying myself to sleep, forever. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

1. Hold Me.

vintage-strollerI don’t know if it’s the padded leather or what, but if the skin collector from Silence Of The Lambs had a baby, this would be its stroller.

2. No.


I’m terrified of everything about this picture. Don’t ask.

3. Why?


The devil himself is in there. You know he is. Run.

4. I can’t.


This stroller has never seen the light of day before this shot. It feeds on the night.

5. Terrified.


How does this even work?

6. You know that feeling you get when a hangnail snags on a blanket? That.


I’m not looking inside that thing.

7. Frozen in horror.


I just feel like if I put my baby in one of these, her soul would be sucked out of her body and replaced with something wicked.

8. I’d rather watch that girl from The Excorcist scurry down the stairs on her hands than look at this thing for another second.

vintage-stroller It’s chilling me to my very core.

9. What in the actual f&*k?


Double the horror.

10. I’m running like a maniac from any baby that pops up out of this thing.


Is it just me?

(photos: Ebay)