15 Slutty Easter Outfits To Get You Kicked Out Of Church

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If you’re dressing your kids up for Easter, then you need to dress yourself up too so that you can make your big debut at church. There are countless beautiful and respectable Easter dresses that you can wear on Resurrection Sunday. Or you could say eff that and let your freak flag fly on this beautiful holiday, as you would any other day of the year.

Dressing up for a holiday is so much FUN. I am a big proponent of randomly slutty costumes because that’s how I get my kicks. Easter is one of the only holidays in the spring that welcomes the opportunity to slut it up, save for my slutty leprechaun gear used exclusively on St. Patrick’s Day.

Easter costumes are aplenty. Slutty Easter costumes are even better. Feast your eyes on these ah-mazingly slutty Easter ensembles that will have every eye in the congregation on YOU. #lordknows that good Easter entertainment is hard to come by:

1. Am I A Mom Or A Sexy Bunny? You Decide.

2. I’m Not Pulling Any Punches Because I’m Just A Blatantly Sexy Bunny.

3. Dudes Can Be Sexy Easter Bunnies Too.

4. I’m Here For The Easter Egg Hunt?

5. Hippity Hop Right To The Bedroom.

6. Easter Bunny Boy Shorts Make The Most Sense.

7. I Am A Sexy Angel Because, Bible.

8. Sexy Easter Nun FTW.

9. I Am About As Slutty As Jesus’s Mom Is Going To Get.

10. Just Stick With Slutty Easter Pastels To Be On The Safe Side.

11. Sexy Easter Chickie, Take 1.

12. Sexy Easter Chickie, Take 2.

13. Sexy Easter Chickie, Take 3.

14. Betcha Never Thought You’d See A Sexy Easter Carrot.

15. Sexy-Awkward Easter Carrot.

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