The Magic Yarn Project Makes Gorgeous Crocheted Disney Princess Wigs for Kids with Cancer


(Via GoFundMe/MagicYarn)

Childhood cancer is a devastating, horrible thing. In the hopes of helping to cheer up some little kids facing a struggle that children shouldn’t even have to think about, one very cool new charity called the Magic Yarn Project is looking to brighten up the days of some children with cancer by providing them with soft, comfortable crocheted wigs designed to look just like the hair of Disney princesses.

“Magic Yarn creates soft and beautiful yarn wigs for little warriors who are bravely battling cancer,” said the organizers, who have started a GoFundMe project to raise money to make and ship the wigs, which are then given free to children with cancer. “Chemo treatments often leave patients’ bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs. To create head coverings that are warm, comfortable, and  giggle-inducing, Magic Yarn volunteers crochet extra-soft “baby” yarn into beanies, and then transform them into storybook hairstyles.”

The Magic Yarn Project’s Disney Princess wigs are adorable and in high demand, for obvious reasons. I would have wanted one when I was small, and according to the company’s GoFundMe page, nearly a quarter of their stock has already been requested by the families of little girls battling cancer in the U.S.

According to SheKnows, the project was dreamed up by oncology nurse Holly Christensen, who makes the crocheted wigs and also runs workshops with her friend, Bree Hitchcock, where they teach other people to make the wigs too .

They make several different styles of wigs, including Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Ariel, Jasmine, and more. The  wigs are fantastic. They’re creative and useful and age-appropriate. Wigs with either human hair or synthetic human hair are difficult to care for and not easy for small children. These yarn wigs are comparatively sturdy and soft, whereas traditional wigs can be itchy and uncomfortable on the extremely sensitive scalp of a person going through chemo.

Also, the wigs are fun, and the importance of that is significant in the life of a little kid facing something as awful as childhood cancer. Kids going through cancer face seemingly endless doctors appointments and tests and hospital stays. There’s not a whole lot of time left for dancing around playing dress-up. These wigs can help brighten up a kid’s day and make them feel like a magical princess, and that’s pretty great.



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