Alleged Human Being Disrupts Memorial Run to Scream at Victim’s Family that the Sandy Hook Shooting Was a Hoax

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sandyhookI could have gone my whole life without ever knowing that there was such thing as a “Sandy Hook truther,” but apparently such people are real. They believe that nobody died at Sandy Hook, and that the whole thing was an elaborate government hoax designed to steal their guns. It’s appalling and ridiculous, and one of these people chose the single most inappropriate way to express his belief when he started accosting people at a memorial run honoring slain teacher Victoria Leigh Soto to scream that nobody died in the Sandy Hook shooting.

According to Jezebel, 32-year-old Matthew Mills actually traveled all the way from Brooklyn to Stratford, Connecticut, where the horrible little man actually accosted Soto’s family members and screamed at them that the shooting that took their daughter’s life had never happened.

I had a personal goal this month of trying to swear less when writing Mommyish posts, and horrible people are not making that very easy. I cannot imagine how horrible it must be for Soto’s family to have to deal with people like Mills.

Soto was one of 26 people killed during the Sandy Hook shooting, and she is a monumental hero. The first-grade teacher hid her students in a closet and put herself between the gunman and the children in her care, and Mills decided to travel all the way from Brooklyn to scream at her relatives that she wasn’t really dead.

Mills reportedly made a break for it when the police arrived, but he was unable to outrun them and has since been arrested and charged with breach of peace and interfering with a police officer.

26 people were killed at Sandy Hook. It was an unconscionable tragedy, and anybody who claims it did not happen is horrible. The fact that Mills took his horribleness a step further and actually taunted the family members of one of the victims is unconscionable. The victims’ families have been through too much already to have to put up with this kind of harassment.

Photo: Facebook/Sandy Hook Elementary School