Whoever Thinks These Huggies Ads Are ‘Provocative’ Needs Serious Help

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Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 2.01.02 PMA new Huggies ad featuring toddlers in denim diapers is angering some Israeli parents who think the ads are provocative, sexy and inappropriate for a diaper campaign. I never understand how people look at images of children and think they’re “provocative.” If you look at these images of kids in denim diapers and see “sexy,” I’m not sure what to say.

When I see images of a toddler girl in a denim diaper with her back to the camera, I assume it’s to show off the Winnie the Pooh graphic on it. I don’t think she’s doing her best to mimic some Marilyn Monroe come-hither look. Clearly, not everyone feels this way.

From Vocativ:

A father in Beer-Sheba biked along the main street last week and spotted the new Huggies billboard ad directly across the street from another ad featuring the model Bar Rafaeli. Both the toddler model and the seasoned, sexy pro were striking almost identical poses. “Look how the diaper model is standing in the same position, with the same tempting look,” says the concerned dad. Rafaeli’s ads are at the center of a parallel controversy over her skimpy, provocative poses.

Seriously? The fact that someone could think a two-year old could strike a pose with a “tempting look” makes my stomach turn. There is nothing provocative or sexy about these ads. They’re babies.

Some parents are calling for a boycott of the company, others are taking to Twitter to call the ads pornographic. Huggies says the ads were “nothing but a celebration of color and fun.”  I have to agree. The babies are adorable, and while I probably wouldn’t bother buying jean-looking diapers – the idea is cute.

If you can look at these ads and see something pornographic, there’s a problem. I hate to point out the obvious, but babies simply can not look sexy.

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