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TGI Friday Open Thread: I Need To Know How You Spend Christmas Eve So I Can Steal Your Idea

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102492954Hello my babies! So, Christmas Eve!

Sometimes we do something like make fondue and play games and let the kids open one gift from a relative. But some years we go out and I get to put on a nice dress and have some cocktails and a dinner that I don’t cook. I like both ways, and I can’t decide how I want to do things this year. Both my older kids will be with their other parents, so I will only have two kids here for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, which makes me sort of sad because the holidays are more fun with more kids around, but I guess we will just have a late Christmas when they return. Bonus Christmas!

I need to know how you spend your Christmas Eve so I can steal your fun ideas and traditions! I still haven’t finished my shopping or wrapping or completed any proper baking yet, hopefully this weekend.

I love being the editor of Mommyish and finding awesome content to share with you guys but one BIG drawback is I feel like I don’t have enough time to just hang out and yammer with you guys in the comments, and I miss you all. I need updates on everything and everyone. I also need a cocktail and some snacks and I’m sure our beloved Julia needs to know if anyone is having sex on Christmas Eve. 

Spill, spill, spill. Not your drink though.

I also need to know how many mandarin oranges you have eaten today. I am on four.

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