Mom Begs Parents To Give Small Gifts From Santa So Kids With Less Aren’t ‘Heartbroken’

A mom’s Facebook post about gifts from Santa is making the rounds on social media since it was shared by a Canadian radio station. The mom is annoyed that every year, her kids get something small from Santa, while other children are showered with expensive electronics and extravagant gifts. She wants parents to make the bigger ticket items from them, and the smaller ones from Santa so children aren’t left to wonder why Santa gives some kids huge gifts and other kids mittens. She has a point, but I think that’s where parenting comes in. It’s impossible to rely on the general public to teach your child lessons about “fairness.” That’s your job.


I see where she’s coming from here and I think her heart is in the right place. It’s honestly something I’ve never thought about, because I really want to teach my children not to compare what they have to what their peers have.

We moved to a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was five. At the time, it was a small neighborhood surrounded by farmland. Silicon Valley basically sprouted up around it. We were a family with a very modest income living in a small home, but giant mansions began popping up around us. By the time I got to high school, I had friends with helicopter landing pads in their backyards. My mom was a waitress.

My mother always taught me to be grateful for what I had because many people weren’t as fortunate as I was. She worked hard to provide for me, and though I clearly never had the things my friends had, I never felt like I was missing out. I think I’d like to teach my kids the same lesson, rather than worry about what other parents are giving their children from a character who doesn’t even exist.

I’m not a person who is obsessed with material things. I am also not a person who is jealous about what other people have. I like those characteristics about myself, and I have them thanks to my mom. I’d like to do the same thing for my kids.

Santa can give your kid whatever you see fit to wrap. I’ll worry about teaching my children important life lessons myself.

(photo: Ollyy/ Shutterstock)

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