Michaels Is Hosting A ‘Make Your Own Slime’ Event

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Do your kids love slime? Because ours love slime. They love slime so very much. We thought maybe we’d moved past it after this last summer, when it was ALL SLIME ALL THE TIME. But for some reason, the love of slime lives on like Celine Dion and the Titanic. It just … it won’t go away. We would love nothing more than for it to go away, but our kids, they love it. They make their own, thank god, but still. Do you have any idea how much we’ve spent on glue and contact lens solution? WE DON’T EVEN WEAR CONTACTS. We don’t want to discourage them, because it’s fun and they’re learning and blah blah blah. But we don’t want to see it anymore. Which is why we will be first in line for the Michaels Slime Your Heart Out event next month.

The Michaels Slime Your Heart Out event is for kids, but really, it’s for parents who are over the slime in their homes.

michaels slime your heart out
Image: Michaels

God bless Michaels, for real. The craft store hosts a series of classes for young crafters, and they’re always fun. Plus, they range from free to $5 per craft, which is amazing! Someone else is going to teach your kid to make a Valentine’s Day craft and you only have to give them $5? YES PLEASE TAKE ALL OUR MONEY. Their MAKE break series of classes is geared toward giving parents a little break after a busy week, while still keeping their kids entertained. It’s a really fantastic idea, but the slime class is bloody brilliant.

On February 9, you can take your kids to Michaels and they can make slime, for free. Yes, free! Michaels will provide all the materials, and all your kid has to do is a mix or massage or squeeze or however they make slime.

If you can’t make the February 9 event, don’t worry! You have other chances to slime it up.

There’s a Crunchy Spring Slime class at the end of February, and a Pinch of Luck Slime class in honor of St. Patrick’s Day in March. Like we said, the classes are free, and are scheduled to last two hours. Check your local Michael’s store for details, and don’t miss out on Michaels Slime Your Heart Out event. Or else you’ll be stuck making slime at home, and no one wants that.

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