Think Your Family Is Weird? Well, They Probably Are, If This Twitter Thread Is Any Indication

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I come from a very … interesting family. My entire childhood, we did things that seemed totally normal to me, but sound incredibly bizarre when I explain them to other people now. I think a lot of it has to do with where and how I grew up. My dad was in agriculture, so we lived on a big ranch in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I come from a family of hunters, which opens up an entirely new world of “weird” things. Factor in that most of my extended family is casually alcoholic, and you have the perfect storm for weird family things. But while some of what we did sounds strange now, reading this thread on Twitter makes me realize that I am not alone. Turns out, most of us come from pretty weird families!

Weird family things can be pretty innocent, like this one.

This … isn’t weird? Butter belongs in the pantry or on the counter, in a butter dish. Refrigerating it makes it hard to spread! We always had “ready-to-use” butter in the pantry, and “cooking” butter in the fridge. I still do this, 100%.

But weird family things can also be … really fucking weird.

Because “Love Mom and Dad” is boring. Getting gifts from the ghosts of beloved pets certainly took Christmas to a whole new level.

My mom totally did this.

Only our Valentine’s Day gift-bringer was Cupid, which is weird when you think about it. The Great Pumpkin also left us treats on Halloween. Still not sure how she explained how a fucking pumpkin could deliver gift baskets, but whatever. Presents!

I laughed way too hard at this one.

My family liked to tell the story of the time my grandpa found a litter of baby opossums next to their dead mother, so he put them in a glass pie dish with some towels to keep them warm and placed it in the oven, for some reason??? And then did not tell my grandma, who turned the oven on the make dinner.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I used the front door in our house.

In the house I grew up in, the front door was broken or stuck or something, so we literally never opened it. We lived in the middle of nowhere, so we never got solicitors or anything. Life took place in the backyard or not at all.

We were all very good at the sniff test.

“Expired” just wasn’t a word that existed in our home. 2-year-old jars of peanut butter were not unheard of.

So what were some of your weird family things? And how many of them have you carried over into your own families? Be honest, we’re all weird here.

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