Dude Gets Bad Haircut and Calls the Police, Who Among Us Hasn’t Wanted to Do the Same?

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Honestly, this seems fine. A guy in Wisconsin got such a bad haircut that he actually called the police. But it gets worse! Not only did he get a bad haircut (and seriously, it was so fucking bad), the barber intentionally cut his ear during the debacle. Some people just really shouldn’t be doing the jobs they’re doing.

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The bad haircut nightmare from hair started innocently enough. Guy goes into the barbershop, asks for the most basic dude haircut you can get, and takes a seat. Then, all hell broke loose.

Stylist Khaled A. Shabani was wielding the scissors on that fateful day, and now he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. A customer entered his barbershop and asked for Guy Haircut #1: an inch off the top, and shorter on the sides. According to police, Shabani then allegedly twisted the man’s ear while he was sitting in the chair, and admonished him for moving around. It really should’ve ended there, and Shabani would’ve gotten a shitty tip and that would’ve been that.

But instead, the stylist cut the man’s ear with his scissors, ON PURPOSE. AND THEN! He took a pair of clippers, on the shortest setting, and ran then right down the middle of the poor guy’s head.

bad haircut

Image: Madison Police Department

This poor fucker just wanted to clean up his look a bit for holidays, and ends up looking like Larry from The Three Stooges.

The disgruntled customer got up and left and had his head fully shaved by a stylist at another establishment. But not before calling police. Shabani was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct, which is a county ordinance violation and not a criminal charge. Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said, “While it is not a crime to give someone a bad haircut, you will get arrested for intentionally snipping their ear with a scissors.”

bad haircut

Image: Madison Police Department

Khaled A. Shabani pleaded not guilty to the ticket. We’re sure Yelp will have their way with him. And we hope Unintentional Larry’s hair grows back in record time.

(Image: Facebook/The Three Stooges)