Mom Writes Furious Yelp Review After Frozen Yogurt Shop Ruins Her Life by Running Out of Sprinkles

Yelp can be a great resource for consumers, but it can also be a place for people to go totally nuts when a service provider fails to give them exactly what they want. That’s why the Internet is roasting one mom this week for leaving a furious, unhinged Yelp review for a local frozen yogurt shop after it ruined her life by running out of sprinkles.

Texas mom and Yelp reviewer Jenise A. recently went to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt for some much-needed cheesecake fro-yo. When she got there with her daughter, however, she discovered that the shop had somehow run out of sprinkles. Jenise A. was apoplectic.

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“I’m totally annoyed. I don’t even want to eat my froyo from here. Just a damn waste to drive all the way here and to get the cheesecake flavor . I’m just letting my daughter enjoy hers. I’m too mad to eat mine,” she complained. Evidently cheesecake-flavored frozen desserts are only enjoyable as a vehicle for sprinkles.

Reddit was not impressed by this woman’s frozen yogurt tragedy.

 According to SomeECards, the woman’s yelp review wound up over on Reddit, under the headline: “Spoiled woman throws tantrum over sprinkles on Yelp.” Reddit was not symathetic to her sprinkle-less plight, especially when she started insulting the store’s employees.

“Damn lady at the register looking stupid, like send a damn worker to buy sprinkles,” she insisted. “Don’t just let that shit run out and say fuck it. Get your ass to the store and restock! Like wth you have a damn HEB right across the street.”

HEB is a Texas grocery chain. And they were close enough that the woman could demand the employees leave the shop and buy more sprinkles, but for some reason it did not occur to her to cross the street and buy them herself, if they were that important.

“I like how she mentioned that someone could have gone right across the street for sprinkles…” one Redditor observed.

Another was amazed that a person had the energy to care this much about sprinkles.

“I struggle enough to care about important things, I can’t even fathom what it’d be like to care about shit like this,” they wrote.

Sprinkles are great. But so are most toppings. Rather than call employees stupid or throw all the yogurt away, maybe try the crushed Oreos. They’ll probably be great.

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