McDonalds To Offer Book In Happy Meals – Cue The Feigned Moral Outrage

shutterstock_141701392__1381405953_74.134.205.46During the two week period between November 1 and 14, McDonalds will distribute books inside Happy Meals for National Family Literacy Day. They are also partnering with Reading Is Fundamental to hand out 100,000 books, which feature McDonalds illustrated characters with a focus on nutrition, imagination and active play. But as you can guess, some people aren’t too charmed with this plan. From USA Today:

 “It’s definitely more of the same,” says Jesse Bragg, spokesman for corporate watchdog group Corporate Accountability. “It’s just a way to get their brand in front of kids in a very subversive way.”

The irony, Bragg says, is that kids who read the books might associate the McDonald’s brand with healthy eating. “But we all know that fast food is a big driver of childhood obesity.”

Yeah, if you eat it constantly which I don’t think many kids do. Besides, books are awesome and I would rather my kid get a little paperback book then yet another plastic toy they play with for three minutes. I think parents can explain to their kids that fast food is basically garbage food and it should only be a sometimes thing, but I am sorry, McDonald’s fries are delicious and I think you can do huge damage depriving a kid from having those delicious, delicious french fries.

Reading is great, french fries are great, you should read more books than you eat french fries and go run around outside. I’m fast becoming a nutritionist.

(Image: Taina Sohlman /shutterstock)

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