Watch This Strong 11-Year-Old Go Before School Superintendents To Talk About Bullying

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[vimeo video=”65313147″]
Bullying exceeds the mere seven to three o’ clock torture fest that kids of yester-year endured. Round the clock cyberbulling, along with more conventional bullying, make life a quadruple hell for those kids who have obvious differences. Like 11-year-old Caine Smith, who says that he endures daily physical abuse (including being beaten and choked) and all because HE HAS TWO MOMS AND LONG HAIR. While children who are DAILY faced with this kind of horrific abuse may want to fade into the walls, Caine chose to speak out. And in front of school superintendents, no less.

In the following video, you see Caine talk candidly about the type of bullying he experiences every school day and how he finds solace in simple things like video games and Harry Potter.

I’ll bet that you can’t get through the three minutes without crying.