Axe Body Spray Causes Daycare Evacuation

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axeAxe Body Spray is pretty gnarly stuff, and not just because of the ads. The noxious, budget body spray that has somehow managed to convince kids that it is a reasonable replacement for showering is pretty pungent, and this week an errant can caused the evacuation of a Seattle daycare.

According to New York Magazine, a backpack was left in a bathroom at the daycare and church this week. An unattended backpack left in a bathroom might not always be cause for alarm, but this one was reportedly leaking “cough-inducing fumes,” which of course rattled everyone in the vicinity.

The daycare and church were immediately evacuated and the Seattle Fire Department came in with a hazmat team. Further investigation uncovered the cause of the fumes: A broken can of Axe Body Spray in the backpack that would not shut off, and was just spraying constantly all over the place, which is probably a special kind of punishment in Hell, right before Sisyphus and his big rock.

This is not the first time the noxious fumes of Axe Body Spray have caused problems. Last year an adolescent boy accidentally sent eight kids to the hospital with an overdose of Axe Body Spray.

Possessing a malfunctioning can of Axe Body Spray is probably a nightmare, and I can understand why a person would leave it behind and run, but this is the kind of thing that scares people. Axe Body Spray should only be disposed of properly, preferably in a way that does not involve the evacuation of small children and an army of firefighters in protective gear to solve.

Photo: Facebook/Axe