Breastfeeding Commerical Will Totally Creep You Out

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breast is bestWhether you’re a hardcore lactivist or prefer bottle to breast, one thing’s for certain: this breastfeeding commercial from Louisville mayor’s “Healthy Hometown” initiative is creepy. Like, really creepy. That’s because the baby featured would be really cute were it not for her superimposed mouth replete with giant chompers.

Yes, babies with teeth can breastfeed – and most don’t bite – but that doesn’t change the fact that nobody wants to see mammoth teeth on a talking baby within the context of breastfeeding. Frankly, it’s terrifying. Plus, the whole superimposed-mouth thing has been done to death and I don’t think it was ever cute/cool/funny. (Wait, do you?)

So that’s why this ad creeps me out, personally. But turns out there’s a whole population of women out there who are offended not by the freakzaoid baby but why what she actually says:

“Some people think breastfeeding in public is nasty, but it’s not. It’s natural! And with Hooter Hiders, slings and the whole blanket over the shoulder technique, mom can feed me anywhere!”

They’re wondering why we should feel the need to cover up in the first place, and find the whole message rather offensive. I personally think it’s an attempt to show women who may be too uncomfortable to nurse in public that there are ways to do so discreetly and not to be discouraged.

What do you think of the rather unconventional ad?

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