Mark Salling, Former ‘Glee’ Star Who Pleaded Guilty to Child Pornography Charges, Dead of Apparent Suicide

Former Glee star and convicted child pornographer Mark Salling is dead at 35 of an apparent suicide. Salling was arrested on child pornography charges in 2015. Authorities say he was in possession of thousands and thousands of images depicting child pornography. Some of the victims were as young as 3 years old.

In October 2017, Mark Salling pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges. He was facing 4 – 7 years in federal prison, and a lifetime of registration as a sexual predator.

Authorities are reporting that Salling’s body was found near a river bed in Sunland, Ca., where he lived. There is no official word on manner of death, but news outlets are speculating that he died by hanging. The area where his body was found is a little league field.

Salling was due to be sentenced for his horrific crimes next month. His plea deal meant he would’ve spent just 4 – 7 years behind bars. If he had gone to trial, he was facing a possible 20 year sentence. He would have also been required to register as a sex offender, pay restitution, and get counseling. 20 years of supervised released was also part of the plea deal, and his internet use would have been controlled and monitored.

Salling isn’t the first Glee star to die at such a young age. In 2013, Cory Monteith died of an accidental overdose of drugs and alcohol. He was just 31 years old.

Reaction to Salling’s death has been mixed. It honestly seems like people have already forgotten the kind of person he was. Mourning a child predator who was about to be scheduled for his role in the sexual abuse and exploitation of actual TODDLERS seems like a really stupid way to spend the day.

But I hope people keep in mind that his victims still have a lifetime of dealing with the horrors they lived. Crimes for which he pleaded guilty, and then ended his life before he could serve out his meager punishment.

Surely Mark Salling had people who loved him and are mourning his death. May they find some peace, along with the nameless, voiceless victims of his crimes.

(Image: Twitter / @MarkSalling)

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