Jill Duggar Dillard Gets Called Out for Shopping While Her Husband Begs for Donations for His ‘Mission’

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Look, no one knows the nitty gritty details of what the finances are like in the Duggar Dillard household. All we have to go on is what Derick and Jill Duggar Dillard put out there. But based on some of their past actions and choices, it seems pretty safe to say that things are tight. Derick, if you recall, was fired by TLC when he was an absolute shithead to Jazz Jennings on Twitter. Then, because husbands and wives stick together in that family, Jill bowed out of being a part of the show. It seems like that was their main source of income. Oh wait! There are also the GoFundMe accounts Derick starts to raise money for his “missions”. So when Derick posted a picture of him and Jill at a wedding, people couldn’t help but notice the slick new shoes she was sporting.

Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick attended the wedding of some friends over the weekend. The weddings and baby showers must never end in that circle.

We have to say, Jill was looking lovely! Fans of the pair fawned all over them in the comments, obviously. But some people had some pressing questions about those gold heels is sporting on her feet. I mean, I have no idea what the contents of Jill’s closet are, so it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to wonder if the shoes were new. But eagle-eyed Duggar fans knew better.

Someone asked where she bought the hot heels, and Jill responded, saying she’d gotten them on Amazon because she was so busy.

So … ok. As an Amazon aficionado, I am well aware that the online retail giant has plenty of inexpensive options for basically everything. But, considering Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband appear to be living on donations they receive for his “work”, wouldn’t it have been better to just let that question slide? Like, don’t answer it. She has to know by now that people will pounce!

Jill and Derick recently moved into a much smaller, more modest home. The explanation given by Derick was that it was cheaper than where they were living previously (in a Duggar house, so I’m don’t know how true that is).

Everyone on a budget knows this universal truth: the first thing to cut is unnecessary expenses! Looks like Jill and Derick are still figuring out how to live without that sweet, sweet TV money. Nice shoes though, Jill.

(Image: Instagram/@derickdillard)