Marie Kondo Wrote A Book About Teaching Kids To Tidy Up

Listen, we’re not going to pretend like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up didn’t actually change our lives. We were skeptical at first! After all, having someone tell you to literally purge all your things is never easy (no matter how sweet she is while she says it). But after following the advice from Marie Kondo, we have to say, things are looking up around here! Our closets are manageable, we’re not obsessing over “stuff” anymore, and the clutter has improved greatly. That is, in OUR spaces. Our kids’ stuff is another issue altogether! We Kondo’d the crap out of their rooms, but getting them to actually tidy up is another story. Luckily, Marie Kondo is back to save the day, yet again. She’s got a new children’s book out that will hopefully make your kids love tidying up as much as you do!

Marie Kondo is sure your kids can not be, you know, gross. Here;s hoping Kiki & Jax can help!

Marie has said that her own two girls actually love tidying up. And parents everywhere were like, ummmmm what? How?! Well, she’s going to impart some more of her organized wisdom on us, so hopefully we can get our own kids in gear! Kiki & Jax is the new children’s book by Marie Kondo, and she’s betting that it will help your kids actually enjoy not being filth monsters. On Instagram she said, “Introducing ”Kiki & Jax,” my upcoming children’s picture book co-written and illustrated by @salinayoon. It’s a timeless story about friendship, and I hope that the characters of Kiki and Jax will inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy!”

The book tells the story of Kiki, who’s a collector, and Jax, who is a sorter. Opposites attract, we suppose!

We have no idea if an illustrated book is going to actually make our kids work to keep their drawers looking like the one above. But we will absolutely be giving it a try! We’ve learned not to doubt Marie Kondo and her clean-up magic. This lady knows what the hell she’s doing, and we should all just listen to the expert when she speaks.

Kiki & Jax will be released on November 5th, and is available for preorder now on the Konmari website.


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