Cake Fails That Will Have You LOLing So Hard You’ll Hurt

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Thanks to Pinterest and other internet media, we have become the moms and dads that believe we can DIY anything. Anything. We an build our own houses after watching instructional YouTube videos, decorate the hell out of our kids’ Valentines Day mailboxes, and believe we can bake like Duff Goldman. Those videos and seemingly easy to follow blog posts have us convinced it’s sooooo easy. If they can do it, we can too! Plus, there’s the fact that we’re saving so much money by picking up these skills ourselves. After all, we have a lifetime of birthdays we will need to bake and decorate for. And the kids, they’ll really appreciate the effort of a homemade cake (insert eye roll here).

Know what we’re not saving ourselves from? Headaches, lots and lots of headaches. There’s a reason why people buy cakes from professionals, and it’s that they have way more experience and tricks to fix slip ups. They either spent a lifetime learning from the best or went to school to hone their craft. It’s like putting a house on a roof. Could you do it on your own? Sure, you could get all the necessary materials and attempt to slap something on top of a house. Would it be waterproof? Probably not. Would it be up to code? Almost certainly, no.

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