16 Amazing ‘Golden Girls’ Products Off Etsy That You Need In Your Life Now

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Image: NBC

Growing up, our parents were pretty lax about what we were allowed to watch on TV. Sure, we watched the usual kid stuff, like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Blossom. But we also spent many-a-night cuddled on the couch watching shows like Night Court and NYPD Blue. And don’t even get us started on the daytime soaps! We could probably still tell you all about the Sami/Carrie/Austin drama from Days of Our Lives. However our favorite show, hands down, was The Golden Girls. Now, let’s ignore for a moment how it wasn’t exactly the most age-appropriate show for kids to watch. It wasn’t terrible, but Blanche’s escapades certainly inspired a lot of questions from us. But that show was just perfection, then and now.

We grew up with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. And Blanche’s sexual activities aside, we learned some really valuable lessons from our favorite Golden Girls! OK, in hindsight, maybe we learned some of the MOST valuable lessons from Blanche. The show was funny, it was relevant, and it showed the value of strong friendships. Also, cheesecake, which is necessary. We love The Golden Girls more now than we did when it was still on the air, and watch reruns as much as we can. We also love adding to our collection of GG merch. We’ve found the best Golden Girls products on Etsy, so you can add to (or start) your very own collection, too.

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