TGI Friday Open Thread: What’s In Your Labor Day Weekend Survival Parenting Kit?

shutterstock_101441065__1377886806_74.134.205.46What are your plans for the long weekend? I will be here on Monday working AND..

I get to whine now! I am currently experiencing a death cold! I swear, when my kids start school I always immediately get sick. They are monster germ magnets and they bring everything home to me  and it’s just not fair.

Are you guys going somewhere? Staying home and having a party? Cooking out? Getting crunk? What’s in your Labor Day Survival parenting kit? I plan on sleeping a lot this weekend (Yeehaw!) and using plenty of Kleenex and seeing how much Vitamin C I can consume. And demanding my husband bring me soup. I also would love to binge-watch something but I have NO idea what! I have yet to do Battlestar Galactica and here is a BIG confession!!!! I have yet to watch The Wire. I badly want to but for some reason I cannot get through the first episode! No matter how many times I have tried I doze off! And I know I will love it but I keep falling asleep.

I am also very sad because the Season 5 of Fringe is not on the Netflix yet. So what are your plan for this weekend? What are your kids going to do? What should I watch? Do you also have a bad cold because if so we can have a big whiney party!

(Photo:  Pixsooz/shutterstock)

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