Horrible Bride Makes Bridesmaids Pay for Her $10,500 Wedding Dress, Thus Guaranteeing Nobody Comes to Her Baby Shower

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The Bridezilla wars were long and hard-fought. In the end, a woman named Caroline won by making her bridesmaids pay for not only their own dresses, but her $10,500 wedding dress as well.

According to Yahoo News, Caroline had seven bridesmaids who were responsible for their $550 bridesmaid dresses, travel and accommodation to the chic destination wedding, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, a wedding gift, and a three-day spa trip. Then after making all seven friends go with her on three consecutive weekends of wedding dress shopping, Caroline finally decided on a Marchesa wedding dress that cost $10,500. That was twice what she wanted to spend, but whatever, she loved it.

That night, the bridesmaids got an email.

Caroline wanted them to chip in for the wedding dress, because “it’d mean so very much to her and would mean that as she walked down the aisle, she’d be wearing something we’d all had a part in.”

And with that, all the other overwrought brides of the world put down their cards and went home, because nobody is ever going to take the Bridezilla title from a woman with the gall to ask her bridesmaids to pay for her wedding dress.

I do not know a single person I like well enough to buy a $10,500 wedding dress for. I have lots of friends. I have friends I would help move. I have friends I would genuinely give a kidney for. But if one of those kidney friends told me she was buying a $10,500 dress and expected me to pay for it, I would laugh in her face, because I would assume she was joking.

And then she’d be like, “No, I’m serious.”

And I’d be like:

That email is right about the time these bridesmaids would be well within their rights to jettison the friendship once and for all, because it is never going to get better. Rude demanding brides don’t suddenly revert to being chill and laid-back mom friends once they’re married and have babies. Can you imagine what Caroline will do to these women when she gets pregnant? How many gifts will she demand then? There are showers and spa days and Bonpoint onesies and car seats to take care of. Caroline definitely seems like the type of mom who fakes food allergies for her kids for convenience.

Pay for the wedding dress and wear a frozen smile with your $550 dress if you must, but after that, just bail and consider it a bullet dodged.

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