Kristen Bell’s Living Room Is a Mess, Just Like a Regular Mom’s

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Kristen Bell is my favorite imaginary mom friend. There are lots of cool celebrity moms out there, and I like to imagine what it would be like to hang out. Chrissy Teigen would cook a 20-course meal while wearing a Lanvin jumpsuit, then call Outback Steakhouse and convince the manager to deliver an Awesome Blossom for dessert. Kim Kardashian would never call, write, or visit, but she’d send a Ferrari for your birthday with a note that says, “Love you!” in her assistant’s handwriting.

Being friends with Kristen Bell, though, seems like it’d be exactly the same as hanging out with your actual best mom friend. She swears, wears leggings, makes jokes about her boobs, and her living room is a complete mess, just like a regular person’s.

One hopes Kristen Bell has piles and piles of money, because she deserves it after starring in the cultural behemoth that was Frozen. (Frozen made $1.3 billion just from movie tickets, and that’s not even counting merchandising, licensing, and everything else. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and director Jennifer Lee deserve a giant Scrooge McDuck tower full of money for that.) But her toddlers don’t care about her beautiful Hollywood home.

Bell recently posted a photo of her living room to Instagram.

“This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain,” she wrote. “#momlife”

Bell’s house looks a lot like mine. Her matching, pink wicker baskets demonstrate that an attempt was made to organize all the toys into an elegant, cohesive design. They definitely looked like a Pinterest toy storage solution in her mind when she bought them. But they’re both totally empty, because her kids have dumped every toy right onto the floor, then walked away from the huge pile.

Even her kids’ toys are relatable. Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, got to draw on an Hermes Birkin, but Kristen Bell’s kids are playing with My Little Pony, Ms. Potato Head, and a bunch of instruments that probably seemed like a good idea until the kids started trying to play them. I think I even see my kid’s exact baby doll in that pile of toys.

Now Kristen Bell is raffling off a game night double-date with her and her husband for charity. Game night with Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard would be so cool.

Kristen Bell is relatable and normal, but she’s also full of actually good, useful mom advice. Like how she tells her kids “hands on the circle!” when they get out of the car. Then they put their hands on the gas cover, which means they’re standing safely right next to the car instead of running off into the parking lot the moment they’re out of their car seats. I’ve used it since she mentioned it, and it totally works. Thanks, imaginary celebrity mom friend Kristen Bell!

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(H/T Scary Mommy, Image: Instagram / KristenAnnieBell)