Sorry J. Lo, My Daughter Doesn’t Care How Glam I Am

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She doesn’t care for my frocks, or if I wear matching socks.

She’s not concerned with my looks, she just likes storybooks.

For fashion, she doesn’t give a damn, she doesn’t care how glam I am.

This is a short story Brenna and I wrote in response to Jennifer Lopez claiming to stay “glam” for her children. Never mind that it’s a huge part of her job, she just wants her twins to know that their mom is hot. The absurdness of this quote is unreal.

Children need a lot of things from their parents: unconditional love, support, good role models. But appearance really doesn’t matter at all. Children’t don’t normally pay attention to what people are wearing at all, unless it has a familiar character on it. We’re talking about a group of humans who have no problem wearing rain-boots, tutus and a cape into public. They aren’t too concerned with trendiness.

It would be completely different if J. Lo said that she dressed up because it gave her confidence and self-assurance, which makes her a happier mother. I can completely understand that for some people, their appearance is a very personal source of pride. But Lopez said, “My kids need to know what I look like! Make an effort and say, ‘OK, I need to get back to the person I was.” That’s a not the same sentiment as, “I need to do this for me.”

Kids don’t need to know what you looked like before they were born. And they don’t particularly care what you look like now. One of the wonderful things about children is that they haven’t learned to judge people on their looks yet. I have much more to offer my daughter than a great pair of boots and a cute hairdo. And I hope my daughter, and the rest of the world, respect me for much more than my “glam” look.