Nosy Kindergarten Application Demands To Know If You Had A C-Section

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c-section scarKindergarten applications are getting a bit invasive. Sure, the school probably needs to know some relevant facts like if a child is fully potty-trained and whether or not there are any terrible peanut allergies, but now a public school in Connecticut is apparently asking prospective parents if their five-year-olds were born vaginally or by C-section, because somehow that information is relevant.

According to, Cara Paiuk was filling out a kindergarten application form for the Aiken Elementary School when she says she was stunned and appalled to see a question asking about whether her son was born by C-section or vaginal delivery.

“There’s so many different questions you could ask, and it isn’t anyone’s business, and it has no relevance,” Paiuk said. “I was stunned to see this form, and I couldn’t understand the relevance of it.”

The school does not even seem to know why it is asking. Paiuk called the head nurse to ask if there was any reason the school needed to know about her vagina, and the nurse did not have a satisfying answer for her. The nurse reportedly explained that they were looking for any sort of birth trauma that might have an effect on the child, but that could more clearly be answered by a question like, “Was there any birth trauma?” or “Does your child have any developmental delays?”

“She basically explained — in not so many words — really they’re looking for any birth trauma that might have happened…but as most of us know, birth trauma can happen by C-section or vaginal birth,” Paiuk said.

The superintendent says the school will review the application form and also check with other school districts to see what questions are being asked and if there is a way to make the forms more “meaningful and efficient.”

Asking about vaginal delivery is a pretty ridiculous question, especially when the child in question is five, and the district superintendent says it has been on the application form for years. Some parents are reportedly annoyed to think that they just blindly filled out the forms without asking, “Is this necessary? Does the school really need this information?” I know I do, and I probably would have done the same thing. How often do we just go into mindless robot mode when filling out forms? I’d probably tell the school all my banking codes and my Starbucks order if they asked. Maybe now at least I’ll think twice before handing out personal information.