Skee Ball Kid Proves Some People Care More About Pageviews Than Parenting

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Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.03.45 PMIf I see one more video of parents taping their poorly behaved child and laughing instead of parenting, I am going to freak. At this rate, I’ll be freaking in five, four, three, two… When did taping children having total meltdowns not only become the norm – but seemingly encouraged for pageviews? This is just getting ridiculous.

A kid went nuts at a Chuck E. Cheese this week and an observer caught it on camera. Not quite sure where this kids parents are, but someone hands him something at the beginning of the video, so they have to be close by right? The kid is looks to be about 4-years-old, so they have to be close by, right?

The Daily Dot story claims that it wasn’t the parents taping him. Where are they? Are they too embarrassed to claim him? What is going on here? The person doing the taping is clearly a little distressed and shocked about the situation, saying things like, Whose son is this? but continues to laugh and tape while this kid is running all over the lanes and spitting on people.

I don’t think it’s a stranger’s responsibility to stop an out-of-control child, but why isn’t anyone doing anything here? The kid is screaming and jumping in the path of flying skee-balls. He’s also spitting at people. The only thing that is definitely happening here besides the meltdown is the recording of it.

I’m more shocked with the behavior of the child and the absence of a parent willing to do anything about it – but a stranger taping a young child in public and submitting it to World Star Hip-Hop is really disturbing, too. It seems like in the moment, some people forget they are looking at actual events unfold with actual people – which is very different than watching something unfold on your computer screen.

Unfortunately, I don’t see videos like this losing their popularity anytime soon.