World’s Toughest Mother Gives Birth, Fights Bees, Starts Forest Fire While Stranded In Woods

Large Brush Fire in North Los Angeles CountyMissing 35-year-old pregnant woman Amber Pangborn has been rescued after being lost in the woods for three days, and one can only assume that the screenplay for her movie is already being written, because in those days she gave birth, fought a swarm of bees, and set a forest on fire, all while protecting a newborn baby.

According to The Daily Meal, Pangborn was driving to her parents’ house last week when she went into labor. In a hurry to get back and deliver the baby, she decided to take a shortcut through the Plumas County National Forest. That was not the best idea because she had not driven the route before, and she was running low on gas. She wound up running out of gas in an area with no cell service, while in labor, and was forced to deliver her daughter alone in her car. Pangborn named the baby Marissa, and Melissa’s adventures were far from over.

Pangborn and the newborn were stranded for three solid days after the baby was born, and nature had it in for them. First they were attacked by a swarm of mosquitos, then a swarm of bees. Pangborn says she tried to protect the baby from being stung, but wound up getting stung herself. All she had to eat was a couple bottles of water and three apples that had been in the car.

Three days after Marissa was born, Pangborn got desperate and decided to try lighting a fire to signal for help. Pangborn is apparently not so great at starting fires, because “the whole side of the mountain caught on fire,” she said. ”I was looking at Marissa and was like, ”˜I think Mommy just started a forest fire.’”

Pangborn did actually start a forest fire, but she was lucky that she did, because it caught the attention of a Forest Service worker, and Pangborn and her three-day-old baby were discovered and rescued.

“I was just crying, and I was just so happy,” Pangborn said. “I thought we were going to die.”

Pangborn and the baby were taken to the hospital for evaluation but are expected to be OK. Pangborn’s family, however, will probably never let her behind the wheel of a car ever again, because you drive on one unfamiliar forest road while low on gas and wind up delivering a baby alone in your car and setting a mountain on fire, and suddenly everyone thinks you’re the person who makes bad driving decisions and can’t be trusted.

(Photo by Jason Kirk / Getty Images)

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